How can I export a song in MIDI file format?

Upto SoundHelix 0.4 it was not possible to export the generated songs in MIDI file format. A first version of this capability has been added to SoundHelix 0.5 as part of the MidiPlayer. The MidiPlayer documentation contains a description about how to enable the MIDI file export.


The answer is...

I apologise for the above failure to answer this question (and the untruthfulness of the last sentence). In the 'examples' folder, create a copy of the file 'SoundHelix-Piano.xml' and call it 'bak.xml' for safe keeping. Open the original file WITH TextEdit (on a Mac say). Scroll to the bottom of this file to the line '' which needs to be uncommented (somehow???). Change this line by deleting the start and finish of the line, to this: 'midifiles/${safeSongName}-${safeDeviceName}.mid '. Now when you launch the program (somehow - that's your bit and double click won't do), it should create the folder 'midifiles' inside the program folder and save all the '.mid' files to that location.

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