SoundHelix uses Apache log4j 1.2.x for logging and GNU getopt (Java port) for parameter parsing. SoundHelix binary releases as well as the source releases contain current binary versions of these libraries.

Download SoundHelix source and binary releases

SoundHelix source and binary releases can be downloaded from SourceForge:

Note that there currently is no nightly binary build available. If you want to stay most current (latest unreleased version), you will need to download and compile the SoundHelix sources yourself.

Download SoundHelix sources

Download as a ZIP file

You can download a current snapshot of SoundHelix as a ZIP file here. This snapshot is the most-current unreleased version of SoundHelix.

Download via SVN client

You can use a Subversion (a.k.a. SVN) client to download the SoundHelix sources. SVN clients are available for all platforms. The provided syntax below is for the command-line client.

Download the latest sources via SVN:

svn checkout soundhelix-current

Download the release sources of a specific version via SVN:

svn checkout soundhelix-version

(replace "version" with the SoundHelix version, e.g. "0.5")

The downloaded sources can directly be used as an Eclipse 3.x/4.x project.

Browse SoundHelix sources

Browse the latest (unreleased) sources:
Browse the release sources: