SoundHelix is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (GNU GPLv3). Please make sure that you read and understand the license before you use, modify and/or distribute SoundHelix. Note that the GNU GPL v3 explicitly forbids incorporating SoundHelix into proprietary (meaning non-Open-Source) software, no matter if this is commercial or non-commercial software, and no matter if you use SoundHelix in binary or source format.

You are asked - but it is not mandatory - to give credit to SoundHelix (including the version number) for results that you have generated with SoundHelix (in audio or any other format, like MIDI files), for example in the product description or e.g. in the metadata of the result file itself.

If you are interested in using SoundHelix in a way that is not allowed according to the GPLv3, an appropriate license for this purpose needs to be purchased.

In case of any questions regarding licenses please send me an e-mail at .