Where did you get your inspiration for SoundHelix?

Actually I inspired myself. In 1995, I started developing a software called AlgoMusic for the Amiga platform, which was mostly written in C (the player was written in 68K assembler) and which became somewhat popular. Its goal was to automatically generate songs and play them back using the Amiga audio hardware. It was released with a giftware license in a binary-only version. Other than in SoundHelix, where almost everything is configurable, most of the details were hardcoded and only very little was configurable. It had a fixed number of voices and a fixed number of built-in patterns. It had a song title generator similar to the CFGSongNameEngine (but without configurability) to seed the random generator, which produced quite some funny song names. Development for AlgoMusic stopped in 1998, when the last version (2.4) was released. You can find some AlgoMusic example songs on Youtube.

Ten years later (in 2008) I had a look at available similar software (mostly looking for a Java application) and found nothing really useful for me. Remembering the fun I had developing AlgoMusic, I decided to start writing my own software and called it SoundHelix.

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