One of the documented features doesn't work. Why?

There are a couple of reasons why a documented feature might not work as expected:

  • The feature might be available in a newer released version of SoundHelix than the version you are using. Please upgrade to the latest version.
  • The feature might be available in an unreleased version of SoundHelix. Please download the latest sourcecode from the trunk using a Subversion client and compile it yourself.
  • The documentation might be inaccurate, unclear or incorrect or you might have misunderstood what is written in the documentation. You should report this.
  • The feature might have a bug that you have encountered. You should report this.

Generally, the SoundHelix website documents the most recent version of SoundHelix only (or even the version that is available in Subversion but has not been released yet). The documentation tries to highlight version-specific extensions. You might see messages like "Available since version x.y" in the documentation (either for a whole component or a component's XML tag or attribute) to point this out. Note that you might see versions listed which have not been released yet. In this case, the latest corresponding "u" version will have the feature already, so you could download the latest unreleased sourcecode and compile SoundHelix yourself.

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