Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does SoundHelix show "javax.sound.midi.MidiUnavailableException: Undefined external error."?
  2. SoundHelix does not run at all. What should I do?
  3. How can SoundHelix be synchronized to an external MIDI device?
  4. How can I export a song in MIDI file format?
  5. Will there ever be a non-MIDI player for SoundHelix?
  6. Where did you get your inspiration for SoundHelix?
  7. Does SoundHelix support upbeat (anacrusis)?
  8. Which versioning scheme is used by SoundHelix?
  9. Which software and hardware can be used with SoundHelix?
  10. How can I influence the probability for choosing random values in the XML file?
  11. Why are the MIDI channels sometimes not muted after SoundHelix quits?
  12. Can SoundHelix produce songs incrementally?
  13. Does SoundHelix support non-standard scales?
  14. How can I disable parts of the XML file?
  15. I am using the applet with a specific song name, but SoundHelix now plays a song different from the one before. Why?
  16. One of the documented features doesn't work. Why?
  17. How can I use SoundHelix on platform XYZ?
  18. How can I record a song generated with SoundHelix?
  19. How can I improve the SoundHelix sound quality?
  20. Can I expect XML files to be upwards-compatible with newer SoundHelix versions?
  21. How can I avoid a SecurityException when starting the applet?
  22. Can generated songs be saved to or loaded from a file?
  23. Why does the SoundHelix applet sometimes have a higher version number than the most recent release?
  24. Is there a quick way to try SoundHelix?
  25. How can separator characters in string lists be escaped?
  26. Why are only so few example XML files provided?
  27. Playing seems to hang a bit every now and then. Why?
  28. I like a specific song. Can I generate the exact same song again later?
  29. I am using the MIDI device "Java Sound Synthesizer", but I can't hear anything. Why?
  30. What can I do if no MIDI device can be found?