The PatternSequenceEngine is a SequenceEngine that uses a pattern (provided by the configured PatternEngine) in which you specify chord offsets to use.

The PatternSequenceEngine randomly choses on of the provided "patternEngine" tags and uses it to render a pattern. Then a sequence will be rendered using this pattern.

The wildcard character "+" can be used to create a transition pitch between the current chord and the next chord. This pitch is always based on chord offset 0 of both chords.


Tag Attribute Type # Example Description
patternRestartMode - string 0-1 chordSection The restart mode to use for the pattern in addition to restarting it at the end. Allowed values are "chord" (restart pattern at each new chord), "chordSection" (restart pattern at each new chord section), "song" (never restart pattern). Defaults to "song" for backwards compatibility. Available since version 0.9.
normalizeChords - boolean 0-1 false Specifies that chords should be normalized. Defaults to true. Available since version 0.3.
patternEngine class class 1 StringPatternEngine The name of the PatternEngine implementation to use.
patternEngine - - 1-n - The configuration of the PatternEngine implementation.

Configuration example

<sequenceEngine class="PatternSequenceEngine">
  <patternEngine class="StringPatternEngine">

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