The PadSequenceEngine is a SequenceEngine that plays any number of chord notes for the whole length of each chord. The chord offsets to play can be configured.


Tag Attribute Type # Example Description
offsets - list of ints 0/1 0,1,2,4,6 The list of chord offsets to play. Any number of distinct offsets can be provided, but the offsets must be unique. Defaults to "0,1,2".
normalizeChords - boolean 0-1 false Specifies that chords should be normalized. Defaults to true. Available since version 0.3.
obeyChordSubtype - boolean 0-1 true Specifies if chord subtypes should be obeyed. Defaults to false. Deprecated since version 0.3. Use "normalizeChords" tag with inverted value instead.
obeyChordSections - boolean 0-1 true Specifies if chord sections should be obeyed. If set to true, a chord than spans a chord section boundary will be retriggered at the chord section boundary rather than keeping the notes active till the end of the chord. Defaults to false. Available since version 0.2.
retriggerPitches - boolean 0-1 false Specifies if all of the chord's pitches should be retriggered on every chord change. If set to false, pitches contained in the previous chord will be kept active whilst only retriggering the ones that have changed. Additionally, setting this to false disables the obeyChordSections setting. Defaults to true, as this was the default behavior up to version 0.3. Available since version 0.4.
velocity - int 0/1 24000 The velocity to use for all notes (between 0 and 32767). Defaults to 32767.

Configuration example

<sequenceEngine class="PadSequenceEngine">
ยด <velocity>12000</velocity>

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