A LinearRandomLFO is an LFO that generates a given number of random values between 0 and 1 and then linearly interpolates between these values in a round-robin manner. The minimum and maximum distance between neighboring values can be defined.

Note that a full rotation of the LFO will go over all random values rather than over 1 random value, so for this LFO you will usually need to divide the LFO speed that would be suitable by e.g. the SineLFO by the number of values.

Available since version 0.5.


Tag Attribute Type # Example Description
valueCount - int 1 8 The number of random values to interpolate between.
minDistance - double 1 0.3 The minimum distance between neighboring random values.
maxDistance - double 1 0.8 The maximum distance between neighboring random values.

Configuration example

<lfo class="LinearRandomLFO">

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