The FreePatternSequenceEngine is a SequenceEngine that uses a pattern (provided by the configured PatternEngine) in which you specify the pitches directly rather than chord offsets. This means that patterns of this SequenceEngine can only be used with a fixed harmony rather than a randomly-generated harmony. This is suitable, for example, for a fixed single-voice melody for a fixed sequence of chords. This SequenceEngine will pick one of the provided PatternEngines at random and will use it to generate the sequence.


Tag Attribute Type # Example Description
patternRestartMode - string 0-1 chordSection The restart mode to use for the pattern in addition to restarting it at the end. Allowed values are "chord" (restart pattern at each new chord), "chordSection" (restart pattern at each new chord section), "song" (never restart pattern). Defaults to "song" for backwards compatibility. Available since version 0.9.
patternEngine class class 1 StringPatternEngine The name of the PatternEngine implementation to use.
patternEngine - - 1-n - The configuration of the PatternEngine implementation.

Configuration example

<sequenceEngine class="FreePatternSequenceEngine">
  <patternEngine class="StringPatternEngine">

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